Brief Overview

Zscaler provides a SaaS security solution for enterprise customers. The company refers to its service as a “direct to cloud network” (DCN) scheme for virtual proxy security.


Zscaler, Inc.
110 Rose Orcard Way
San Jose, California 95134
(408) 533 – 0288


Jay Chaudhry, Co-Founder of Zscaler, serves as the company’s CEO and Chairman.


Jay Chaudry and K. Kailash founded Zscaler in 2008. Chaudry has a long history of entrepreneurship with previous successes at AirDefense and SecureIT. The company has since obtained additional funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners and is now a global provider with over one hundred data centers. Zscaler raised $100M in 2015 frmo TPG Growth.

Key Competitors

Blue Coat, Forcepoint

Products and Services

Zscaler products are based on its “direct to cloud network” (DCN) virtual proxy services for enterprise customers. The DCN infrastructure serves as a network of proxies all around the world. To customers, this virtual infrastructure serves as a cloud-resident distributed proxy that can be tuned to meet their specific policy enforcement rules. Such multi-tenant, cloud resident functionality is purported to provide a basis for added security through shared investment. Specific products from Zscaler include:

• Zscaler Web Security – This is Zscaler’s flagship Web security proxy service for enterprise.
• Zscaler Application Control – This service allows customers to fine-tune their policy enforcement to specific applications at the level of user, location, department time, volume, and so on.
• Zscaler Bandwidth Control – This service allows companies to monitor, allocate, and manage bandwidth intelligently across the enterprise.
• Zscaler Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – This provides a means for filtering based on specific data criteria.
• Zscaler Nanolog Streaming Service (NSS) SIEM Integration – Zscaler has a patented technology called Nanolog, which allows for log consolidation into a SIEM.
• Zscaler Mobile – Zscaler also provides a service for scanning mobile traffic to extend policy controls to wireless users.

The company also offers a Zscaler mobile solution that extends the proxy services to protect corporate mobile traffic.