Brief Overview

Zentera Systems provides an overlay virtual layer network that connects the enterprise to cloud securely.


Zentera Systems
2099 Gateway Place, Suite 420
San Jose, California 95110
Tel: (408) 436 – 4810


Dr. Jaushin Lee, President and CEO of Zentera Systems, was previously with Imera Systems.


Jaushin Lee founded Zentera Systems. The company raised $4.9M in a Series A round in 2015 supported by CDIB BioScience Ventures.

Key Competitors


Products and Services

Zentera Systems provides an Application Network that is an overlay virtual layer 3 network that operates in the OS above hypervisor and physical stacks. The software provides a unified view to all applications running over a hybrid cloud as if they were connected to one network. Specific capabilities of Zentera include:

• Secure connection of physical machines, virtual machines, and containers across multiple domains
• Address northbound networking and security (applications above the cloud) without affecting southbound (software/hardware stack in cloud datacenter)
• Connects servers and applications across different public clouds (e.g., AWS and Azure)
• Securely shields applications in the cloud from corporate infrastructure