Brief Overview

Yubico provides an open-source, USB authentication solution for platforms.


Yubico AB
Olof Palmes gata 11
6th floor
SE-111 37 Stockholm

Yubico Inc.
530 Lytton Avenue
Suite 301
Palo Alto, CA 94301


Stina Ehrensvaard, Founder and CEO of Yubico, is an IT entrepreneur with a track record of having brought new technologies to global markets.


Stina Ehrensvaard founded Yubico in 2007. Ram Shriram, Marc Benioff, David Cheriton, and Ori Eisen are investors.

Key Competitors

Entrust, Secutech

Products and Services

Yubico provides an open source, USB-based authentication solution for computing platforms. Yubico’s flagship product is a hardware solution called YubiKey that has the following options and features:

• YubiKey Standard – Involves use of a USB authentication device that works instantly through use of a supplied one time password (OTP) as if it was typed from a keyboard. The corresponding application must be YubiKey compliant.
• YubiKey NEO – Provides contactless authentication via NFC and works with all mobile platforms.
• YubiKey Nano – Involves a minimized form factor
• YubiKey VIP – Pre-configured with OATH OTP for Symantec Validation and ID Protection.
• LastPass YubiKey – Discounted bundle with same capabilities as standard product.
• Password Safe YubiKey – Discounted bundle with pre-configured challenge-response.

The company also provides arrange of services including personalization, virtual appliance support, and cloud-based OTP services.