XTN Cognitive Security

Brief Overview

XTN Cognitive Security is an Italian company that focuses on prevention on-line fraud for eCommerce.


XTN Cognitive Security
Via Benigno Crespi, 57
20159 Milano MI


Paolo Pittarello serves as Founder and CEO of XTN Cognitive Security.


Founded in 2014, the company has offices in Milan, London, and Chicago.

Key Competitors

IBM, Kount

Products and Services

The XTN Cognitive Security Platform provides next-generation fraud prevention for eCommerce applications such as banking and fintech. Specific capabilities include Advanced Endpoint Threat Protection, Frictionless Multifactor Authentication, Trusted Comprehensive Fraud Prevention, and Compliance Achievement. These are embedded in the products from XTN including SEAP (Smart Endpoint Advanced Protection), SA (Smart Authentication), SMASH (Smart Ant-fraud Shield), and MORE (Mobile operative Risk Evaluator).