XM Cyber

Brief Overview

XM Cyber provides the first fully automated APT Simulation Platform to continuously expose all attack vectors and prioritizes remediation.


XM Cyber Israel
+972 3 978 6668


Noam Erez serves as Co-Founder and CEO. Tamir Pardo serves as Co-Founder and President. Boaz Gorodissky serves as Co-Founder and CTO.


XM Cyber was founded by top executives from the Israeli cyber intelligence community and employs an elite team of cyber offense and defense veterans with decades of real-world experience. The company has offices in the US, Israel and in Australia.

Key Competitors

CyberArk Software, Palo Alto Networks, Magal Security Systems, Menlo Security, CounterTack

Products and Services

HaXM by XM Cyber is the first APT simulation platform to simulate, validate and remediate attackers’ paths to your critical assets 24×7. HaXM’s automated purple teaming aligns red and blue teams to provide the full realistic APT experience on one hand while delivering vital prioritized remediation on the other. Addressing real user behavior and exploits, the full spectrum of scenarios is aligned to your organization’s own network to expose blind spots and is executed using the most up-to-date attack techniques safely, without affecting network availability and user experience.