Xage Security

Brief Overview

Xage provides a decentralized cyber security suite for industrial operations.


Xage Security
445 Sherman Avenue, Suite 200
Palo Alto, California 94306


Duncan Greatwood serves as CEO of Xage Security.


Co-founded by Susanto Irwan and Roman Arutyunov, Xage Security is headquartered in Palo Alto.

Key Competitors


Products and Services

Xage Security offers a suite of cyber security solutions for industrial operations including the following:

Xage Broker – Provides Identity management and access control for users, applications, and devices
Xage Gateway (blockchain-protected fabric for tamperproof storage of credentials, policies, and app data)
Xage Policy manager – Enables security policies to be defined centrally
Xage Enforcement Point – Filter which protects vulnerable industrial controllers
Xage Management Tools – Supports orchestration, monitoring, audit, and compliance