Brief Overview

WWPass provides a database encryption solution and a strong multi-factor authentication solution that uses cryptography to replace both usernames and passwords.


1155 Elm Street, 4th Floor
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101
Tel: (888) 997 – 2771


Eugene Shablygin serves as Founder and CEO of WWPass.


Eugene Shablygin founded WWPass in 2008. The company is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Key Competitors

Duo Security

Products and Services

WWPass is a security platform, serving companies, which operate information system storing and processing confidential information. WWPass WWPass utilizes its patented distributed data storage solution, enabling highest possible level of confidential data storage. Practical use of WWPass platform primarily lies in two areas:

• User authentication. Use of WWPass Passkey (in the form of handware security devices or smartphone app) allows username-less/password-less access to unlimited number of information systems with absolute separation between these systems (unlike traditional single sign-on or federated identity systems), simultaneously increasing authentication security and improving user experience
• Innovative management of encryption keys for data storage solutions for much higher levels of data security at rest