Brief Overview

WireWheel offers a privacy management platform to help ensure compliance with the GDPR and related frameworks.


Arlington, Virginia 22201


Justin Antonipillai serves as CEO of WireWheel. He is former Acting Under Secretary for Economic Affairs at the US Department of Commerce. l


Founded in 2016 by Justin Antonipillai, WireWheel is located in the Washington DC area.

Key Competitors


Products and Services

WireWheel provides a suite to address compliance challenges related to data security and privacy with focus as follows:

Privacy Engine – Self-service wizard to guide team through privacy projects
Privacy Program Frameworks and Pre-Configured Workflows – Helps manage privacy program
Comprehensive Collaboration – Captures insights and includes input from third-parties
Process Mapping – Supports identification and mapping of process flows
Data Discovery and Classification – Visibility where data resides to classify and protect data
Continuous Infrastructure and Data Monitoring

The company also offers a range of professional services to support data security and privacy projects.