Brief Overview

Wetstone provides a range of malware discovery, data forensics, and security investigatory tools for eCrime investigation support.


Marketing and Sales Division
17 Main Street, Suite 316
Cortland, New York 13045
Tel: (877) 762 – 4043


K.C. Vaughey serves as President and CEO of the Allen Corporation.


Established in 1997, Wetstone is located in Cortland, New York and is a division of the Allen Corporation.

Key Competitors

NowSecure, Guidance Software

Products and Services

Wetstone provides a range of forensic tools for law enforcers, military operations and network security teams including the following:

• Wifi Investigator – Passive identification
• C-TAK – Extends EnCase
• Gargoyle Investigator – Malware discovery
• StegoHunt – Detects steganography
• US-LATT – Live Windows acquisition
• Sovereign Time – Trusted time service
• Advanced Threat Identification – Enforces policy with ePO
• Fair-Witness Lite – Binds timestamps
• SearchLite – Supports investigations
• Discover the Hidden – Steganography detection
• ProDiscover – Data preservation