Brief Overview

Waratek provides application security through runtime application self-protection for Java as well as containers.


Waratek Ltd.
Level 3, 8 Harcourt Street
Dublin 2, Ireland


John Adams serves as CEO of Waratek. John Matthew Holt serves as Founder and CTO.


John Matthew Holt founded Waratek and serves as CTO of the company, which is headquartered in Ireland. The company also has presence in New York City and London.

Key Competitors

Red Hat

Products and Services

Waratek provides application security through two main products: AppSecurity for Java, and Locker. Capabilities enabled by the product offerings include virtual patching for legacy Java, automatic remediation of SAST output, threat forensics, absolute detection of SQL injection, securing of open source code, and zero-day malware detection. The Waratek Locker product is referred to as a secure container for Java applications that allows applications to self-protect at run-time from threats such as APT.