Brief Overview

Wallarm AI-powered Platform automates application protection and security testing for websites, microservices and APIs across public and private clouds.


100 Produce Ave, Suite L
South San Francisco, CA 94022
Tel: (415) 940 – 7077


Ivan Novikov serves as Co-Founder and CEO of Wallarm. He is an AI expert with 8 years experience. Stepan Ilyin, Co-Founder and COO.  He is a business and security executive, formerly editor-in-chief of Xakep magazine.


Wallarm is an innovative AI startup focused on security founded in 2013. The company is headquartered in So. San Francisco, California and has raised 2.9M from Y-combinator, Partech Ventures, and other investors and boasts over 120 enterprise and SaaS customers.

Key Competitors

Incapsula, CloudFlare, F5

Products and Services

Wallarm’s application security platform powers application security solutions in three key areas:

• Real- time protection from OWASP Top Ten threats and bots
• Application- specific vulnerability detection/ scanning
• Pre- release (QA) application security test automation