VU Security

Brief Overview

VU Security provides two-factor authentication solutions with behavioral analysis for many different platforms.


VU Security
Avenida Jujuy 2156 – Piso 9,
Distrito Technologico,
CP (C1244ABQ)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: +54 11 5353 3300


Sebastian Stranieri serves as Founder and CEO of VU Security.


Founded in 2006, the company has received $1.04M in funding from two investors.

Key Competitors

Duo Security, Easy Solutions

Products and Services

VU Security provides multi-factor authentication solutions that can be grouped as follows:

• VU Application Server – Includes support for multiple factors on a single platform
• VU Fraud Analysis – Behavioral analysis support for identity
• VU Security Mobile Tokens – Mobile application-based on one-time password
• VU Smart Wallet – Support for mobile payment
• VU Strong VPN Security – Integrates with VPN services
• VU Voice Recognition – Voice-based authentication