Visible Statement

Brief Overview

Visible Statement, part of Green Idea, provides 24/7 information security awareness solutions in multiple languages.


Green Idea, Inc.
950 Page Street
San Francisco, California 94117
Tel: (415) 863 – 2157


Russ Mumford serves as an executive with Green Idea.


The small company is headquartered in San Francisco.

Key Competitors

The Security Awareness Company, Wombat, Security Awareness Inc.

Products and Services

Visible Statement provides software for employee information security awareness training that utilizes high quality animation, graphics, and presentation qualities of modern PCs to deliver security awareness messages. The company provides technical support for the awareness materials, along with auto-updater support for administration of content and graphic messages. The Visible Statement awareness content is available in many different languages including Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Swedish, Polish, Zulu, and other languages.