Vanguard Integrity Professionals

Brief Overview

Vanguard Integrity Professionals is an independent provider of enterprise security software solutions that address complex security and regulatory compliance challenges.

6625 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89119-3930
Tel: (702) 794-0014


Ronn H. Bailey is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Vanguard Integrity Professionals, is a recognized expert in cybersecurity and information technology. Bailey has been the CEO and CTO of Vanguard for more than 30 years.


Vanguard Integrity Professionals was founded by Ronn H. Bailey in 1986. Vanguard Integrity Professionals is the largest independent provider of enterprise security software

Key Competitors

Proofpoint, Bitdefender, Neturion

Products and Services

Vanguard provides Cyber security and Compliance solutions to secure the Enterprise Mainframe Environment. Vanguard provides various Security Softwares, Professional Services and Education and Training to companies. The different softwares provided by Vanguard are used for the following services:

• Administration
• Audit and Compliance
• Authentication
• Cloud Security
• Identity and Access Management
• Penetration Testing.

Vanguard also provides other services like Migrations services Remediation Services, Security Assesssments, Staff Augmentation and Education Training with different online courses and instructors schemes available for selection as per the customers requirement.