US Data Forensics

Brief Overview

US Data Forensics provides digital forensics and investigative support in acquiring, analyzing, and preserving data.


US Data Forensics, LLC
2214 Rock Hill Rd, Suite 020
Herndon, Virginia 20170
Tel: (301) 657 – 5600


Philip Rodokanakis, Managing Director of US Data Forensics, had a 27-year career as a Special Agent in Charge (SAC) with Office of the Inspector General.


Launched by Cal Klausner, Bruce Dubinsky, and Philip Rodokanakis, the company is headquartered in Virginia and Maryland.

Key Competitors

Disruptive Solutions, Sensei Enterprises

Products and Services

US Data Forensics provides digital forensics support in the following areas:

• Data acquisition and evidence storage
• Preliminary investigations onsite
• Computer forensic examinations
• Computer forensic laboratory

The company focuses on extracting relevant digital data in support of white-collar crime investigations.