Brief Overview

Unisys is a technology company that includes cyber security solutions for enterprise customers and government.


801 Lakeview Drive, Suite 100
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania 19422


Peter Altabef, President and CEO of Unisys, was previously President and CEO of MICROS Systems.


Formed in 1986 by merging Sperry and Burroughs, Unisys is based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania and trades on the NYSE. The company reported $3.4B in revenue in 2013.

Key Competitors

IBM, Accenture, CSC

Products and Services

Unisys provides data security solutions focused on protecting information through encryption and architectural methods. The two main security-related product solutions are as follows:

• Stealth – Provides means for evading cyber attacks through the use of cryptography. Stealth Mobile enables authenticated.
• Choreographer – Provides assistance for managing virtual environments across different cloud services through a single management console to switch workloads. Choreographer is integrated with Stealth.