Ubiq Security

Brief Overview

Ubiq has developed an ultra-low latency and low impact solution that secures any type of data, on any device, anywhere, delivering on the promise of a “fast and safe connected world.” Our extremely lightweight, 100% software stack can be directly integrated into existing applications, IoT devices or installed on laptops and servers to secure critical data. Ubiq works across public and private sector organizations to ensure all their data is secured in a transparent manner while eliminating the vast amount of management complexity of traditional data security solutions.


Ubiq Security, Inc.
4110 Campus Point Court
San Diego, CA 92121


Wias Issa, CEO
Charlie Kahle, CTO
Eric Tobias, Co-Founder


Founded in 2012 as FHOOSH Inc., rebranded as Ubiq inJune 2019

Key Competitors

IBM Guardium Data Encryption.
Check Point Full Disk Encryption Software Blade.
Eset DESlock.
Dell Encryption Enterprise.
McAfee Complete Data Protection.
Micro Focus SecureData.
Bitdefender GravityZone.
Sophos SafeGuard.