Trusted Knight

Brief Overview

Trusted Knight provides browser security protection including keystroke logging prevention.


Trusted Knight
301 Fourth Street, Suite 20
Annapolis, Maryland 21403
Tel: (888) 769 – 3931


Joseph Patanella, CEO of Trusted Knight, spent eighteen years with NSA and serves on the Board of Directors for Trustwave.


The Trusted Knight team has its roots in the NSA, military intelligence, and security across the finance industry. The company is headquartered in Maryland.

Key Acquisitions

Sentrix (2016) – Web Security

Key Competitors

Invincea, Bromium

Products and Services

Trusted Knight provides a security solution called Protector that focuses on Web, enterprise, Point of Sale (POS), and Mobile. The product installs as an application on Windows PC and prevents Crimeware and other malware from degrading the stability of user devices. The product focuses specifically on keylogger avoidance including hook, for gabbing, kernel and hypervisor, and memory injection approaches.