Brief Overview

TrulyProtect provides an encryption-based software data security solution that integrates with various applications to protect IP.


P.O. Box 35
Jyvaskyla, Finland, Fl-40014
Tel: +358 40 805 4939


Nezer Zaidenberg, President of TrulyProtect, worked previously with IBM, NDS, and EDF.


Founded in 2012, the company is headquartered in Finland. The company operates as a public funding project since 2012 and as a company as of 10/2014. Support has been provided by the Finnish government agency Tekes, as well as the University of Jyvaskyla.

Key Competitors

Symantec, Entrust

Products and Services

TrulyProtect provides software solutions for privacy protection, client IP protection, and server IP protection. The tools work to prevent reverse engineering, modification, and theft of algorithmic IP in areas such as IoT, mobile devices, embedded systems, games, and other areas. Example focus areas include the following:

• Piracy Protection for Games – Includes license checking and enforcement of limits and controls
• Plagiarism Protection – Includes copy protection system that encrypts critical routines in the software to reduce the risk of reverse engineering
• Windows and Linux Protection – Supports access policies including in hypervisor infrastructure