Trineba Technologies

Brief Overview

Trineba Technologies provides an instant messenger app that is built on a secure API base that allows for high trust and surveillance avoidance.


Trineba Technologies
New York, New York


Eric Greenberg serves as Founder of Trineba Technologies, along with co-founders Moshe Silfen and Aleksandar Mancic.


Eric Greenberg, Moshe Silfen, and Aleksandar Mancic co-founded Trineba Technologies in 2014. The small private company received $250K in Seed funding in 2014.

Key Competitors

Wickr, Silent Circle

Products and Services

Trineba Tech provides impenetrable encrypted communications via an app called Discreet that is based on an underlying secure API. The purpose of the app is to provide private and anonymous intra and inter-corporate communications without surveillance or man-in-the-middle disclosure-impacting vulnerabilities. The app is available for download by business customers and individuals from the Google Play app store.