Brief Overview

Tresys offers products and services for secure information assurance in government.


8840 Stanford Boulevard, Suite 2100
Columbia, Maryland 21045
Tel: (410) 290 – 1411


Robert Stalick serves as CEO of Tresys. He was previously Chairman and CEO of Internosis.
General Peter Pace serves as Chairman of Tresys.


Founded in 1999, the company has had a long history with NSA and the Federal Government. Tresys is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. Behrman Capital acquired Tresys in 2013.

Key Competitors

IBM, Microsoft, Accellion

Products and Services

Tresys offers a range of products for secure information sharing across organizational domains that can be grouped as follows:

• XD Air – Provide air gap separation for sharing
• XD Bridge – Provides a filter through a trusted OS
• XD Guardian – Exportable cross domain solution

The company also provides services in the areas of secure information sharing, OS security and mobility, systems assurance, cyber security consulting, and mobility security consulting.