TrapX Security

Brief Overview

TrapX provides a platform for identifying, disrupting, and analyzing APT attacks in the enterprise.


TrapX US Office
3031 Tisch Way
San Jose, California 95128
Tel: (855) 249 – 4453


Moshe Ben-Simon serves as CEO of TrapX Security.


Co-founded by Moshe Ben-Simon and Yuval Malachi, the company maintains offices in The US (California, Minnesota), London, Tel-Aviv, Hong Kong and Mexico.

Key Competitors

ThreatTrack, Damballa

Products and Services

The TrapX DeceptionGrid platform provides APT attack detection and mitigation inside the perimeter with the following capabilities:

• Virtualized Sensors – Includes deceptive data with deceptive nodes to help detect malicious activity more safely
• Sandbox Analysis – Payloads are analyzed for known behaviors and unknown zero-day behavior
• Integrated Event Management – Threat intelligence can be integrated with the SIEM
• Threat Intelligence – Uses cross-indexed event information to create business intelligence
• Deep Packet Inspection – Used for detecting outbound exfiltration to malicious servers