TrapX Security

Brief Overview

TrapX Security provides cyber deception technology. Our solutions rapidly detect, deceive, and defeat advanced cyber attacks and human attackers in real time. DeceptionGrid provides automated, highly accurate insight into malicious activity unseen by other types of cyber defenses. The TrapX Security customer base includes over 300 Forbes Global 2000 commercial and government customers worldwide.


TrapX US Office
3031 Tisch Way
San Jose, California 95128
Tel: (855) 249 – 4453


Ori Bach, Chief Executive Officer
Frank Sacco, Vice President Global Sales
Steve Preston, Vice President of Marketing
Efrat Ben Meir, Chief Financial Officer
Oleg Goldshmidt, Chief Technology Officer


Co-founded by Moshe Ben-Simon and Yuval Malachi, the company maintains offices in The US (California, Minnesota), London, Tel-Aviv, Hong Kong and Mexico.

Key Competitors

Attivo Networks, Illusive Networks

Products and Services

TrapX DeceptionGrid protects your valuable assets against a multitude of attacks including malicious insiders and sophisticated cybercriminals.

Deception Tokens
Deception Tokens (lures) appear as ordinary files, scripts and configurations, are embedded within real IT assets to bait and divert attackers away from real high value assets and into the traps.

Active Traps
Active Traps create a stream of false network traffic between deployed Traps to confuse and divert attackers that monitor the network traffic.

Emulated Traps

FullOS Traps
High Interaction (Full Operating System) Traps