Transmit Security

Brief Overview

Transmit Security offers programmable biometric authentication solutions.


Transmit Security
2345 Washington Street, Suite 204
Newton, Massachusetts 02462


Mickey Boodaei serves as CEO of Transmit Security. He was previously with Trusteer.
Rakesh Loonkar serves as President of Transmit Security. He was also previously with Trusteer.


Headquartered in Newton, the company maintains an office in Tel-Aviv.

Key Competitors

Hoyos Labs, RSA

Products and Services

The Transmit Security Platform is designed to support programmable biometrics to replace tokens, passwords, and other factors with biometric authentication. Solutions are based on facial, fingerprint, OTP, pattern drawing, and voice recognition technology. The solution combines biometrics, behavioral profiling, push notifications, analytics into an omni-channel authentication approach. Transmit authentication can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or in hybrid configurations. Contextual authentication is achieved through APIs.