Trail of Bits

Brief Overview

Trail of Bits provides expert cyber security research, mobility, and software services.


Trail of Bits, Inc
228 Park Avenue S
New York, New York 10003


Dan Guido, Co-Founder and CEO of Trail of Bits was previously a senior security consultant for iSec Partners and is a hacker-in-residence at NYU-Poly where he oversees student research and teaches classes in Application Security and Vulnerability Analysis.


Alexander Sotirov and Dan Guido founded Trail of Bits in 2012 to leverage their world-class experience in security research for enterprise customers.

Key Competitors

NCC Group

Products and Services

Trail of Bits offers specialized software engineering and security testing for low-level software, particularly cryptographic and blockchain software. In addition, they maintain iVerify, an iOS jailbreak detection product, and a continuous assurance product for Ethereum smart contracts.

• Trail of Bits builds software for their clients. Typical projects include low-level, cryptographic, or high-assurance code, security operations tools, or automated testing tools.
• Trail of Bits tests the security of client products. They specialize in testing low-level software, particularly security products, kernel drivers, or embedded systems, cryptographic code, or blockchain software. Typical projects also include the development of custom security engineering tools or code modifications to prevent the re-introduction of discovered flaws.
• Trail of Bits has specialized practices for blockchain and cryptography. They work with clients to understand, implement, or review  elliptic curve and post-quantum cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs, with capabilities in both applied and theoretical. For blockchain security, they work with clients on secure asset custody, blockchain design, and secure smart contract development.
• Trail of Bits offers iVerify to enable detection of jailbroken iOS phones. iVerify is available as a library to facilitate inclusion in vendor products that require this feature. iVerify is also available as a standalone, enterprise application to monitor the personal security of at-risk executives.