Brief Overview

TitanHQ provides high quality, reasonably priced network security, web filtering, malware blocking and email anti-spam solutions

TitanHQ C/O
Copperfasten Technologies
1st Floor, Mazars Place
Salthill, Galway, Ireland
Tel: (813) 304-2544

TitanHQ C/O Titan Technology Solutions US INC
400 N Ashley DR STE 1900
Tampa FL 33602, USA
Tel: (813) 304-2544


Ronan Kavanagh serves as the CEO of TitanHQ. Sean Doherty is Head of Research and Development and co-founder of TitanHQ.


The company was incorporated in 1999 and is based in Galway, Ireland. TitanHQ also has an office in USA. In 2004, the firm started to sell its first email filtering appliance. TitanHQ protects over 7,500 businesses and works daily with over 1,500 MSP’s.operating in 129 countries and includes SMBs, schools, universities, colleges, ISPs, banks and government.

Key Competitors

Kaspersky, McAfee, Fidelis, OpenDNS, DNS Filter

Products and Services

TitanHQ, develops internet security software solutions. Its products include WebTitan, a software that filters web content from malware, phishing, and viruses; SpamTitan, a clam antivirus that detects spam emails and provides email protection; and ArcTitan, an email archiving in the cloud that secures, encrypts, audits international legal and industry standards complaint. The company serves service providers, education, business, healthcare, hospitality, retail, finance, transportation, and non-profit business organizations.