Tinfoil Security

Brief Overview

Tinfoil Security offers a developer-friendly service for scanning a website to detect vulnerabilities.


Tinfoil Security Inc.
2483 Old Middlefield Way, Suite 207
Mountain View, California 94043


Ainsley Braun and Michael Borohovski, Co-Founders of Tinfoil Security, were previously MIT students.
Ainsley serves as CEO, and Michael serves are CTO.


Ainsley Braun and Michael Borohovski, two MIT students, founded Tinfoil Security in 2011. The company has attracted seed investors and has received Convertible Note funding.

Key Competitors

Acunetix, Sucuri

Products and Services

Tinfoil Security’s service crawls a website looking for vulnerabilities. The scanner combines the best open source tools with custom capabilities built in-house. The tool provides precise vulnerability information including specific requests and vulnerability locations.