Brief Overview

ThreatBook is a Chinese company specializing in cyber threat intelligence company, dedicated to providing real-time, accurate and actionable threat intelligence to block, detect and prevent attacks.


No.1505 Chuangfu Building
18 Danleng Street, Haidian District
Beijing, China
Tel: +86 10 57017961


Feng Xue serves as Founder and CEO of Threat Book.


Founded by security experts from Amazon, Alibaba, and Microsoft, Threat Book is China’s first security threat intelligence firm. The only Chinese vendor listed in Gartner’s Market Guide for Security Intelligence Products and Services.

Key Competitors

Verisign, FireEye

Products and Services

Threat Book includes experts who are armed with deep understanding of China’s cyber security threat landscape. The company offers services that can be grouped as follows:

• Threat Intelligence Platform
• Threat Detection Platform
• Cloud Sandbox
• OneDNS
• X Platform

The company provides services through its Threat Analysis Platform ( The X Threat Analysis Platform is the biggest and most active threat intelligence community in APAC.