Thinkst Canary

Brief Overview

Thinkst is an Applied Research company with a focus on information security. The company's product, Canary, is a form of honeypot which allows customers to detect security breaches on the internal network. The company's stated goal is to simplify the complexity of traditional honeypots and allow users to easily and quickly detect breaches.


Thinkst Applied Research (PTY) Limited
Unit L6
5 Howe Street
Cape Town


Haroon Meer, Founder


The company was founded in 2010 by Haroon Meer. Meer's mission for the company was to apply offensive security thinking to defensive techniques. In addition to its primary product, Canary, Thinkst is the developer of Phish5, which was acquired by Elevate Security.

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Products and Services

Thinkst Canary helps companies prevent and detect cyber intrusions. Canarytokens (hardware, virtual, or cloud-based sensors) are deployed on organizations' networks, and are configured to imitate legitimate services (a honeypot of sorts). When a token is accessed, it communicates with the hosted console through DNS and reports on unexpected network activity.