The Media Trust Company

Brief Overview

The Media Trust Company provides media security scanning for Websites, advertisements, and mobile.


The Media Trust Company
1660 International Drive Floor 8
McLean, Virginia 22102
Tel: (703) 893 – 0325


Chris Olson, Co-Founder and CEO of The Media Trust, was previously with Spheric Media, Commerzbank, and Salomon Brothers.


Chris Olson and Dave Crane co-founded The Media Trust Company in 2005. The small company is headquartered in Virginia.

Key Competitors

Telemetry, Acunetix, Netsparker, Sucuri

Products and Services

The Media Trust Company provides continuous scanning, inspection, anomaly detection, policy enforcement, and malware detection capabilities for public-facing Websites, Ad Tags, and mobile Websites. The company also provides Media Verifier, a third-party quality assurance system that verifies ad placement and execution are operating as expected.