Terbium Labs

Brief Overview

Terbium Labs provides a fingerprinting solution that detects stolen intellectual property for sale on the dark Web.


Terbium Labs
Baltimore, Maryland


Danny Rogers serves as CEO and Co-Founder of Terbium Labs.


Founded by Danny Rogers and Michael Moore, and headquartered in Baltimore, the small company raised $3.7M in funding in 2015 from unnamed investors. The company principals had close ties to APL at JHU. Terbium Labs secured $6.4M in funding in 2016 led by .406 Ventures.

Key Competitors

Digital Shadows

Products and Services

Terbium Labs provides a solution called Matchlight based on a “fuzzy hash” that can be done to any file so that it can be detected if leaked. The fuzzy hash provides a means for locating files that might have been altered slightly. Each file is broken into a large number of small blocks, which are hashed and then used algorithmically to determine validity. The user must fingerprint files that can be uploaded to the system for protection. A search tool is provided to help locate fuzzy hashed files on the Internet and the Dark Web.