Brief Overview

TeraDact provides secure information management and sharing with redaction and extraction.


TeraDact Solutions Inc.
410 E Pine Street
Missoula, Montana 59802
Mob: (202) 255 – 0308


Chris Schrichte serves as President and CEO of TeraDact.


TeraDact is headquartered in Montana with presence in Washington, DC and Edmonton, Alberta.

Key Competitors

Documentum, Nuance, WatchDox

Products and Services

TeraDact provides software for secure information sharing using its Information Identification and Presentation (IIaP) capabilities. The solution checks versions and releases sensitive documents to a multi-level access group of recipients. Three products are available from TeraDact:

• TeraDactor – Provides intelligent sharing of different versions of the same document with multiple users at different access levels.
• WebAutomator – Tool that creates processes that automatically query, extract, analyze, update, and publish information from Internet sies and Web enabled systems.
• Celware – Software development platform for designing new information integration and extraction capabilities.