Brief Overview

Tenable provides advanced enterprise vulnerability scanning and management through its Nessus vulnerability scanner and SecurityCenter CV platform.


World Headquarters
Tenable Network Security
7021 Columbia Gateway Drive
Suite 500
Columbia, Maryland 21046
Tel: (410) 872 - 0555


Amit Yoran serves as Chairman and CEO of Tenable.
Marcus J. Ranum, one of the pioneers of network security, serves as Senior Strategist for Tenable.


Ron Gula, Renaud Deraison, and Jack Huffard founded Tenable in 2002, is privately held, and is rapidly growing, reporting a 213% growth between 2007 and 2010.

Key Competitors

Tripwire, Lumeta

Products and Services

Tenable provides advanced vulnerability scanning and management as the basis for enterprise protection via centralized consoles and security tools in the following areas:

• Nessus Vulnerability Scanner – Flagship Tenable product providing patch, compliance, and configuration auditing, mobile, malware, and botnet discovery, and sensitive data identification.
• Nessus Perimeter Service –Hosted vulnerability and PCI compliance certification service which funds public facing vulnerabilities, does quarterly PCI certifications, and implements a continuous monitoring program.
• Passive Vulnerability Scanner – Packet layer network traffic monitor.
• SecurityCenter – Single console view of Nessus policy administration, management of on-premise scanning, and other security administrative tasks.
• SecurityCenter Continuous View – Streamlines audits, incidents, and investigations.
• Log Correlation Engine – This product offers centralized log analysis and event monitoring.