Brief Overview

TenFour delivers global private domain IT infrastructure-as-a-service for enterprise customers using an IT Infrastructure Utility model, including cyber security solution offerings.


360 Mt. Kemble Avenue
Morristown, New Jersey 07960
Tel: (973) 267-5236


Bruce Flitcroft, Founder and CEO of Tenfour is a leader in engineering IT infrastructure solutions that are transforming business and technology models so that organizations can innovate in the Digital Age. Flitcroft is also Founder and CEO of Red Forge, the sister company of TenFour. He previously ran AlphaNet.


Headquartered in Morristown, NJ, Tenfour was founded in 1998 as an IT integrator, under the name Alliant Technologies. In 2012, based on years of experience as well as significant R&D investment, the company began building an IT infrastructure utility company designed with greater agility, reliability and network security. TenFour, as it was rebranded in 2017, is accelerating change in all industries, starting with commercial and then expanding to government and regulated markets. TenFour solutions are engineered by Red Forge, which develops software, systems and tools that next generation service providers need to deliver services to enterprises that will power their digital business.

Key Competitors

Verizon, CenturyLink, IBM, CSC

Products and Services

TenFour delivers a range of private domain Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network(LAN), DataCenter, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), Physical Infrastructure, Network Security, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in an IT Infrastructure-as-a-service utility model. It has taken all the core IT infrastructure that was previously “uncloudable”—from routers, switches and firewalls to phones, WiFi, cameras and IoT devices—and delivers them as a utility service. Just as other utilities deliver per-unit pricing, TenFour’s IT infrastructure is delivered in IT Units (ITUs) with embedded services including all the design, implementation, monitoring, repair and administration of each unit. This also includes foundational security features that are always present, including Syslog for network infrastructure management, configuration change management, IPsec VPN, 802.11X for wired and wireless LAN, AAA, compliance reporting, among other features. TenFour’s additional security features are integrated into the company’s reference architectures, including access control policies, mobile device containment, network admission control, on-premises firewalls, intrusion prevention, server local firewalls, network embedded firewalls, IPAM, DNS services, DHCP, Netflow security analysis, web security, malware protection, and data loss prevention in the cloud, among other capabilities. TenFour’s IT Infrastructure Utility service allows for delivery of security services through devices at Layer Four and below through a managed interface for use at the Application Layer. Through this IT Infrastructure Utility managed interface, lower level security services such as DDOS protection can interact with higher-level applications such as a SIEM.  TenFour works with leading technology vendors including Cisco and is a program member with AT&T Partner Exchange.