Brief Overview

TELUS is a global telecommunications company in Canada that offers a range of managed security services.


TELUS Corporation
555 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1A6
Tel: (604) 432 – 2151


Darren Entwistle serves as President and CEO of TELUS.


Founded in 1990 in Edmonton, the company has grown to provide wireless and broadband services to customers across Canada and North America. TELUS trades on the NYSE.

Key Competitors

Rogers, Vodafone, Verizon

Products and Services

In addition to wireless services, fibre services, and next generation networking, TELUS offers a range of managed and professional services including cyber security. Specific security-oriented services include the following:

• Security Consulting Services – Includes testing, assessment, GRC, forensics, PCI, threat research, and information security education
• Security Technology and Managed Security Services – Includes network and application security, secure remote access, mobile security, SIEM, technology sourcing, Web security, Email security, and data security.

The company operates TELUS Security Labs, which provides cyber security research and development support.