Telesoft Technologies

Brief Overview

Telesoft designs and manufactures highly scalable network visibility tools for for National ISP/Telco and Large Enterprise for anomaly detection, incident response, and threat detection in real time, at scale, in networks running at multiples of 100Gbps.


Telesoft Technologies Ltd.
Observatory House
Stour Park, Blandford Forum
Dorset, United Kingdom, DT11 9LQ
Tel: +44 (0) 1258 480880


Robert Downham serves as Chairman, Mathew Downham as Managing Director and Steve Patton serves as Director of Sales and Marketing


Telesoft was founded in 1989 by Robert Downham, the company is headquartered in the UK and has offices in the US and India.

Key Competitors

Flowmon, Lancope (Cisco), SourceFire (Cisco)

Products and Services

Telesoft provides the following network security products:
• Telesoft Data Analytics Capability (TDAC) - Unlocks network visibility and threat identification across multiple geographical locations by integrating ultra-scale passive monitoring, storage, analysis/query and forensics for multiple 100Gbps networks.
• IP Flow Probe - Diagnose network issues and maintain cyber security in real-time by generating un-sampled flow statistics on traffic up to 200Gbps in a 1U chassis.
• Anomaly Detection Extension Module – Provides SecOps and NetOps teams ultra-low latency alerting of security incidents and threats by detecting, classifying, triaging and reporting on anomalous activity of critical infrastructure, services and applications.
• CERNE Open IDS Platform - Powerful, open IDS platform with on demand capture, delivers IDS alerts and complete TCP or UDP session data for rapid incident response analysis.