Brief Overview

Tecsec’s focus is on Information Security and Information Access Management, enforced through cryptography. TecSec provides consultation and design services, as well as software and hardware products based upon the company’s 8th generation, standards-based Constructive Key Management (CKM®) technology, leveraging our large library of patents and IP. TecSec, working within published ANSI and NIST Standards, has developed a way to cryptographically protect data at the object level, including financial transactions. The CKM technology has been recognized by ANSI as quantum resistant.


1048 Deadrun Drive
McLean, Virginia 22101
Tel: (410) 304 – 2078


Jay Wack serves as President and CEO of TecSec. Jay has over 20 years of experience as an application engineer, specializing in microcontrollers and embedded microprocessors, representing Intel and VLSI before joining TecSec. He is active within the Working Groups of the Federal Reserve Taskforce on data security, identity, and access control. He is an active contributing member to CIGRE, IEEE, and ANSI X9 Banking Security Groups.
Ed Scheidt, Founder and Chief Scientist of TecSec, is a retired Chief of the Cryptographic Section for the CIA. William H. Webster, CIA Director, referred to Ed as “the deep throat of codes.” Ed is the author of the cryptogen on the Kryptos sculpture located in the courtyard of the CIA facility in Langley, Virginia. Also, he is currently the Vice Chair, ANSI X9F Global Security Standards for the US financial services industry.


Co-founded by Ed Sheidt in 1990, the company is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia.

Key Competitors

Entrust, RSA, PKI

Products and Services

TecSec provides a product called Constructive Key Management (CKM), which is a standards-based, dynamic key management encryption system providing Attribute Based Access Control to anything digital. CKM can secure technology at various levels including static and streaming data. CKM is available in the cloud, for mobile, for enterprise, for the desktop, and for typical office applications.  Tecsec product family VEIL® technology (Variable Encryption Intelligent Labeling) has the potential to enhance the full range of digital applications, including wireless platforms, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) arenas, financial and legal environments, as well as healthcare PII enforcement. VEIL® allows for CKM® Enabled solutions that can be employed as software, firmware, hardware, or in combination, including the TecSec® Armored Card, which, like all Tecsec products, is certified under FIPS140-2, by NIST.