TCS Forensics

Brief Overview

TCS Forensics provides data forensics for computers and mobiles, data recovery, and related services.


TCS Forensics
125 – 3751 Jacombs Road
Richmond, B.C., Canada V6V 2R4
Tel: (604) 370 – 4336


Keith Perrin, Founder and CEO of TCS Forensics, has decades experience as a management executive.


Keith Perrin founded TCS Forensics in 2003. The company has offices throughout Canada, in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg.

Key Competitors

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Products and Services

TCS Forensics provides a range of forensics solutions that can be grouped as follows:

• Cyber Counter-Intelligence
• Computer Forensics
• Data Recovery
• Risk Management
• Mobile Forensics
• Penetration and Vulnerability
• eDiscovery