Brief Overview

Synack provides enterprise customers with continuous cyber vulnerability exploitation from a vetted, crowd-sourced team of ethical hackers from around the world.


1600 Seaport Boulevard, Suite #170
Redwood City, California 94063
Tel: (855) 796 – 2251


Jay Kaplan, CEO of Synack, worked previously with his co-founder, Mark Kuhr, in the counterterrorism division of NSA.   


Former NSA employees, Jay Kaplan and Mark Kuhr co-founded Synack in 2013. The rapidly growing private company has received $32.5M in funding through 2 rounds since 2013 from highly respected venture partners including Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures.

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Products and Services

The Synack approach to continuous private exploitation for enterprise vulnerability management and Bug bounty support involves the use of a vetted, curated network of red team experts. The Synack Red Team (SRT) proactively targets customer assets for the purpose of identifying vulnerabilities. All SRT’s work is done and tracked through Synack’s Launch Point(™) portal. Additionally Synack has a proprietary platform called Hydra, which helps to scale and manage reconnaissance. Hydra is designed to run periodic scans and exploitation path testing, to provide advanced automated assistance to the SRT to drive efficiency. Customers pay subscription fees to Synack for continuous or point-in-time testing and management of their target enterprise digital assets. The Synack team maintains a highly effective Signal to Noise ratio of >95% on all findings.