Brief Overview

Syferlock provides secure, tokenless two-factor authentication solutions using a grid technology.


Syferlock Technology Corporation
917 Bridgeport Avenue
Shelton, Connecticut 06484
Tel: (855) 793 – 3756


Chris Cardell, CEO of Syferlock since 2010, was previously President, COO, and Director of Jupitermedia Corporation.


Founded in 2007, the private company is headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut.

Key Competitors

Duo Security, RSA

Products and Services

Syferlock provides a security solution called GridGuard that involves two-factor and multi-factor authentication without the use of tokens. The solution provides device-less one-time passwords (OTPs) without need for additional client hardware or the use of a mobile device with SMS/text handshake protocols. The specific offerings include the following:

• Grid2Form – Browser-based 2FA with a GridPIN and password
• GridAdvanced – Conversion of the user password to a OTP
• GridLite – Embedding authentication grid into HTML page
• GridSoftToken – Leverages computer, laptop, or smartphone
• GridKey – Uses SMS text out of band