Sword Active Risk

Brief Overview

Active Risk is one of the first ERM solution provider to drive business performance by increasing an organization’s risk-bearing capacity. Where others turn risk management into an overly complex task, the Active Risk approach is built on a six-step process that reduces complexity and builds value.


Active Risk EMEA Headquarters
1 Grenfell Road
Berks SL6 1HN
United Kingdom

USA Headquarters
13221 Woodland Park Road, Suite 440
Herndon, Virginia 20171


Nick Scully serves as Chief Operating Officer for Sword Active Risk. He previously held roles with CA, SAP, and Lawson Software.


Active Risk Manager was originally launched in 2001. The Sword Group acquired Active Risk in 2013. The company has offices in USA, UK, and Australia with partnerships in the Middle East.

Key Competitors

EY (Integrc)

Products and Services

Active Risk provides GRC and ERM solutions via its Active Risk Manager (ARM) software package. ARM includes the following:

• ARM Core
• ARM Risk Express
• ARM Risk Performance Manager
• ARM Apps
• ARM Risk Connectivity
• ARM Unplugged
• ARM Integrations

The platform includes automated alerts, dashboard reporting, direct and indirect loss management functions, advanced risk scoring, and risk prioritization support.