Swivel Secure

Brief Overview

Swivel Secure provides a strong authentication platform for cloud, Web, VPN, and desktop.


Swivel Secure, Inc.
1001 4th Ave. #3200
Seattle, WA 98154
Tel: (949) 480 - 3626


Adrian Jones serves as Sales and Marketing Director, and brings with him more than 30 years experience in the IT industry.


Swivel Secure was formed in 2000, received initial funding from the MARR Group in 2001, after which the Marr Group (Marr Technologies BV) took full ownership in 2003.

Key Competitors

Duo Security

Products and Services

Swivel Secure provides strong authentication in lieu of passwords, tokens, or entry of PINs. Swivel Secure provides a platform for users to strongly authenticate to a variety of applications and systems from different devices using their patented PINsafe approach. The token-less method allows users to participate in challenge-response tasks to authenticate without having to rely on passwords, tokens, or even the entry of a PIN.