StrikeForce Technologies

Brief Overview

StrikeForce Technologies provides out-of-band authentication, anti-keylogging, and mobile security solutions.


StrikeForce Technologies Inc.
1090 King George Post Road, Suite #603
Edison, New Jersey 08837
Tel: (732) 661 – 9641


Mark L. Kay, Chairman and CEO, was previously CIO and Managing Director at JP Morgan Chase.


Founded by Ram Pemmaraju and George Waller, the private company is headquartered in New Jersey.

Key Competitors

Duo Security, SecureAuth, Authy, Twilio, SafeNet

Products and Services

StrikeForce Technologies provides a range of authentication-related solutions including the following products:

• ProtectID Out of Band Authentication – Includes out-of-band authentication methods, hard token support, soft token OATH support, and other related areas.
• GuardedID Anti-Keylogging – Encrypts keystrokes to protect financial transactions, corporate data, and other assets.
• MobileTrust Mobile Security – Security suite for Apple and Android mobile devices, protecting users credentials, passwords, and transactions