Stratum Security

Brief Overview

Stratum provides information security consulting with focus on application and network security services.


Stratum Security
950 Herndon Parkway, Suite 140
Herndon, VA 20170
Tel: (888) 408 – 1337


Nate Miller serves as Co-Founder and Principal Security Consultant of Stratum Security.


Founded in 2005 by Trevor Hawthorn and Nate Miller, the company is headquartered in the Herndon, Virginia.

Key Competitors

Reveille Systems, Veris Group, Roka Security

Products and Services

Stratum Security provides a set of security consulting services including the following:

• Web Application Security
• Penetration Testing
• PCI Compliance
• Vulnerability Testing
• Source Code Review
• Managed ThreatSim
• Mobile Wireless
• Security Program Development

The company offers a service called ThreatSim, which allows for attack simulations of infiltration and exfiltration.