Strategic Cyber Solutions

Brief Overview

Strategic Cyber Solutions (SCS) provides a range of cyber security/information assurance services for government including cloud data analytics.


Strategic Cyber Solutions
4222 Fortuna Center Plaza, Suite 651
Montclair, Virginia 22025


Brian Christos, Founder and CEO of Strategic Cyber Solutions, was previously with the White House and the JTF-GNO.


Founded in 2009, Strategic Cyber Solutions is based in Arlington, Virginia with a branch office in San Antonio. The small company is veteran-owned.

Key Competitors

ApplyLogic, LunarLine, Merlin

Products and Services

SCS provides cyber security services for the US Government in the following areas:

• Cyber Threat Analytics
• Cloud Engineering and Data Analytics
• Open Source Intelligence
• Software Development
• Professional Services
• Training and Cyber Career Development

The company also provides commercial services in the areas of cloud monitoring, analytics, and litigation support.