Stickman Consulting

Brief Overview

Stickman Consulting is a security consulting firm that specializes in PCI DSS compliance.


Stickman Consulting Pty Ltd
Suite 10, 102 Gloucester Street, The Rocks
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 2000
Tel: +61 2 9146 4363


Ajay Unni, CEO and Founder of Stickman Consulting, has previously worked with different multinational organizations.


Founded by Ajay Unni in 2006, the company is headquartered in Australia with an office in Bangalore.

Key Competitors

Veris Group

Products and Services

Services offered by Stickman Consulting can be grouped as follows:

• PCI DSS Consulting
• IT Security Consulting
• Security Testing
• Vulnerability Assessment
• Penetration Testing
• StickFigure Services (package of services)

The company also offers several products for compliance and vulnerability assessment. Partnerships are maintained with GroundLabs and SAINT.