Brief Overview

Sternum seamlessly embeds security into your embedded devices. With a new approach to IoT security, Sternum has built a holistic, highly scalable IoT endpoint security solution, that prevents attacks in real-time and provides on-going visibility and monitoring into the device.


Nitsana St 11B,
Tel Aviv, 6811713


Natali Tshuva, CEO
Boaz Shedletsky, Chief Business Officer


Sternum was founded in 2018 by a team of highly experienced research, development and business leaders. Bringing profound knowledge in embedded systems, the joint perspectives of the defender and the attacker, and an aspiration to alleviate the medical security standard, Sternum set out to build not only uncompromising innovative technology but also to create true impact.

Products and Services

Sternum Suite:
A multi-layer solution, enabling manufacturers to secure IoT devices end-to-end, with first of its kind on-device real-time protection for embedded systems. Sternum Suite consists of two main solutions:
EIV — Embedded
Integrity Verification
— Sternum’s solution prevents attacks on-device at the exact point of exploitation. Even if vulnerabilities exist, EIV deterministically prevents them from being exploited.
RIEMS — Real-time IoT Event Monitoring System
— Provides visibility into the devices. With real-time monitoring and automatic third-party code management, RIEMS alerts on required updates, device misuses and attacks.