STEALTH Software

Brief Overview

STEALTH Software provides security protection for Microsoft SharePoint and .NET applications.


STEALTH Software
17, Zone Industrielle
L-8287 Kehlen
Tel: +352 261 020 08


Gerard Warrens, CEO and Founder of STEALTH Software, previously worked for large IT and manufacturing companies across Europe.


The private company is headquartered in Luxembourg with an office in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Key Competitors

Imperva, Titus

Products and Services

STEALTH Software provides a range of SharePoint and .NET application security for collaboration between external entities that can be grouped as follows:

• Stealth Content Store for SharePoint or .NET – Management of active SharePoint content
• Stealth Extranet for SharePoint – Third-party collaboration support
• Stealth Files Unlimited – Bypass maximum file size
• Stealth Fusion – Transfer and synchronize data and content