Brief Overview

StackPath is an intelligent Web services platform for security, speed and scale. 


2021 McKinner Ave.
Suite 1100
Dallas, Texas 75201
Tel: (877) 629 - 2361


Lance Crossby serves as Chairman and CEO of StackPath.


Founded in 2015 by Lance Crossby and Ryan Carter, StackPath now has over 30,000 customers, over 250 employess, and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Key Competitors

Akamai, Verisign

Key Acquisitions
Cloak (2016)
Staminus (2016)
Fireblade (2016)
MaxCDN (2016)
Highwinds (2017)

Products and Services

The products of StackPath can be broken down into the following two categories:

• Secure Content Delviery Network – Offloading content to their edge servers to improve page load times and origin server performance and protects your site from brute force attacks such as DDoS and SYN floods.
• Web Application Firewall – Create custom rules to protect against OWASP threats, IP reputation, behavioral filtering and more. Downloadable raw logs for historical analysis.