Brief Overview

SS8 provides enterprise breach detection and communication security through high-definition historical network analysis, correlation, and forensics.


750 Tasman Drive
Milpitas, California 95035
Tel: (408) 944 - 0250


Dennis Haar serves as CEO of SS8.
Faizel Lakhani was named President and COO of SS8 in 2016, having been previously VP of DLP at McAfee.


SS8’s understanding of communication flows and analytics started with the company’s founding as an IP packet Signaling Company in 1999. Over the following decade, SS8 evolved into a global expert in next-generation networks and a trusted network compliance solution to five of the world’s largest service providers. Headquartered in California, the company has locations in the UK, Japan, and Dubai. Goldman Sachs, Intel Capital, KPC&B, Novak Biddle Venture Partners, ONSET Ventures Protostar Partners W Capital Partners, and Woodside Fund provided funding for the company.

Key Competitors

Verio Group, NIKSUN, Fidelis, Vectra Networks,

Products and Services

SS8 provides network security and communications analytics in three different areas:

• Breach Detection - SS8 BreachDetect is a time machine for breach detection, using network protocol extraction, learning analytics, and automation to accelerate and simplify breach hunting. BreachDetect generates and stores years of High-Definition Records (HDRs) extracted from all communications flows, which are analyzed in real-time against past, current and future network activity to find unidentified breaches.
• Intelligence & Law Enforcement Investigations – SS8 comprehensive digital communications analysis tool designed to aid in law enforcement and intelligence investigations.
• Service Provider Compliance - Featuring a strong partner ecosystem and counting five of the world’s largest telecommunication services providers as its customers, SS8 Xcipio Compliance offers support for a wide range of leading network equipment manufacturers. Xcipio offers full support for CALEA, ETSI, and many more handover standards, as well as full IPv6 support. .