Brief Overview

Spirion supports data discovery and classification solutions for data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance.


Velosecure LLC (dba Identity Finder, LLC)
1776 Broadway
Suite 803
New York, New York 10019
Tel: (646) 863 - 8301


Todd Feinman, CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder, was previously with PwC as an ethical hacker and later Director.


Todd Feinman and David Goldman co-founded Identity Finder in 2001. The company reported revenues of $5M in 2010. In 2016, the company rebranded as Spirion.

Key Competitors

Active Navigation, DataONE, Dataguise

Products and Services

Spirion provides solutions for managing sensitive information and preventing data breach. Spirion offers sensitive data management and protection solutions based on a lifecycle including discovery, classification, and remediation. The way it works is that Spirion software scans the target computer for items that could be valuable to fraudsters. The owner is given the option of either deleting the file or encrypting it. Their Identity Sweeper, Data Discover (for desktops and servers) and Sensitive Data Manager (for site license usage) solutions provide support in the following areas:

• Sensitive Data Management – Involves an endpoint that provides role-based access managed access to a console for discovery, management, and reporting on sensitive data such as personal information, intellectual property, unstructured data, email, and other types.
• Data Discovery – Allows for searching and finding structured and unstructured data.
• Data Loss Prevention – Offers a solution for preventing data from leaking from the enterprise
• PCI Compliance – Supports PCI DSS requirements
• Health Information Protection – Supports HIPAA requirements